"Id buy that for a dollar" Robocop

“I’d buy that for a dollar” The immortal line from a stupid game show that popped up from time to time during the movie ROBOCOP! Not sure why this one took off, but it works for so many things!

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Robocop is the ultimate action and film noir experience. Directed by Paul Veerhoven in 1987 the film serves as both a wild action film and a cautionary tale of what can happen when we give corporations too much power. Robocop is a violent yet gripping sci-fi action crossover that is definitely a favourate in my book.

Robocop is set in the future city of Detroit. The movie revolves around family man and dedicated cop, Alex Murphy. He and his partner Ann Lewis persue a gang of dangerous criminals and Alex is shot in action. Alex is taken to hospital but cannot be saved. OCP the corporation that run the police in Detroit decide to salvage Alex’s mind and what’s left of his body and use it in an experimental cyborg cop experiment. Alex is reborn as the ultimate enforcement of justice and law… Robocop.

Unfortunately Alex starts regaining memories of the past and obviously wants to find out more. He sets out to capture the gang that killed him. These criminal ties go all the way to the top of OCP, creating a conflict of interest.

Robocop is a gripping look at the future. The advertisements placed throughout the film a sarcastic look at human kind and where we are headed as a species. Robocop is an all time favourate of mine and one thing is for sure “I’d buy that for a dollar”

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