What do you mean you don’t agree with me?

What do you mean you don't agree with me?


“What do you mean you don’t agree with me?” Ren and Stimpy have given birth to some classic one liners… this one is perfect for those facebook arguements but the more I think about it…. This cat and dog team have had many classic one liners … I’ll defs be putting some more of them up here for you guys!

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Ren and Stimpy has been a long running comedy created by Nickelodeon. The manic Chiuhaha (Ren) and the slow witted but lovable cat (Stimpy) and long been a source of controversy and humour. Going to air in 1991 an running through till 1995 the show gained a huge cult following. The crude and off beat humour featured in the show frequently landed the show in trouble.

Ren and Stimpy were created by John Kricfalusi in 1978 as a source of personal amusemnent. THey were not considered for much until Kricfalusi pitched a series of shows at Nickelodeon none of which were considered. The Execs did like Ren and Stimpy, who were the pets of the central characters of another show.

“What do you mean you don’t agree with me?” Ren and Stimpy is a great watch for anyone who digs their offbeat humour. Especially teenagers, stoners and the slightly retarded. I for one love it and going to put on a Ren and Stimpy dvd now 🙂

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