"Say Hello to my little friend" Al Pacino in Scarface

Al Pacino’s show stopping line “Say hello to my little friend!” from the classic gangster movie Scarface!

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Scarface Tells the story of Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino) a Cuban immigrant who rose through the ranks of organized crime to become a powerful drug lord. The film directed by Brian DePalma and produced by Oliver Stone is a powerful story. While it is fairly violent and graphic this is a great movie and the something that nearly everyone who sees it will like.

Montana starts out small and gets his green card into the USA in return for killing a Columbian drug dealer. He decides to persue drug trafficking as a way to get ahead. Dealing drugs however has its price. Montana looses his wife, and develops a raging cocaine addiction. Montana rises through the ranks and starts to move more and more drugs until be becomes a city drug kingpin.

There’s a lot going on in the plot of Scarface, too much to really describe in the article. As with many underworld crime figures it hits the fan in a major way with a gun battle as Tony takes out as many people as he can after another cocaine binge. “Say Hello to my little friend” is Tonys catch phrase as he unleashes a barrage of bullets in the scene before his bloody death.

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