“BRAINS… BRAINS!” Return of the Living Dead

Return of the Living Dead, Brains

Return of the Living Dead features the mating call of the undead… as ably demonstrated by everyone’s fave grey matter seeking re-animations from 1985

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Return of the Living dead is a slapstick horror movie directed by Night of the Living Dead co writer John Russo. Russo enlisted Dan O Bannon to direct the film. O Bannon rewrote much of the script with the intention of introducing some humour into proceedings.

For what its worth Return of the Living Dead is a pretty cool movie. Just no point taking it too seriously. Basically the plot revolves around the accidental release of a gas 245 trioxin which has the power to reanimate the dead. Of course it starts to rain, which exposes a nearby cemetary to the gas. Some punks hanging out in the cemetary witness the dead coming back to life and attempt to flee the situation.

Overall some of the effects are a little on the cheesy side, and there’s some hammy acting. if you can get past that you have a decent watch. There’s a bit of female nudity in the film, which is a shame because its not far off being something you can let the kids watch. This movie also has a pretty rockin’ soundrack featuring 45 Grave and the Damned! At the very least ROTLD had an impact on pop culture with the “Brains” zombie call!

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